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Vermont Life Collection

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Vermont Life Collection
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10/10/2019 5:10:47 PM
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Misc Documents
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We have, courtesy of the Bailey Memorial Library,  a complete set of Vermont Life Magazines from the Winter 1946 edition through Summer 1998, all in Vermont Life collector's binders.  This collection belonged to Alan (1924 - 2011) and Shirley (Stork) Pratt Burr (1931 - ). 

These magazines can be a rich source of Vermont History.  One known article specific to Clarendon can be found in the Spring 1950 edition.  This was about the Havens House and can be seen in the Homes collection.  Another can be found in the Autumn 1955 edition which had an article about Vermont's bridge builders featuring Nichols Powers.  It can be seen in the Bridges collection. 

Note that there have been three Vermont Lifes for which the covers were scenes from Clarendon.  They were the Autumn 1985, Autumn 1986, and Summer 1988 editions as can be seen in the Documents collection. 

With this collection were the following Index Compilations:

- Volumes 1 through XX 1946 - 1966
- Volumes XXI through XXXII 1966 - 1978
- Volumes XXXIII through XLVII 1978 - 1993

Additionally this donation included loose copies, most being duplicates, as follows:

Winter 1976 through Winter 1989 (except for Winter 1988)
Spring 1996
Summer & Autumn 1998
Autumn 2000
Spring 2001
Winter & Autumn 2006
Winter, Spring, Summer 2007