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Nathan Smith House

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Nathan Smith House
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Pat Moore
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Misc Photos
Pat Moore
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This ca. 1865 Rt 7B South home was originally the residence of the Nathan (1804 - 1876) & Alzina (1814 - 1898) (Button) Smith family. 

This ca. 1900 photo and identification of the people shown is courtesy of Pat Moore. The woman leaning against the retaining wall has not been identified.  The others are as follows:

Back row standing left to right:  Erwin Everest Smith (1885 - 1956), Rev. Robert Seneca Smith (1880 - 1939), Hervey Button Smith (1887 - 1942)

Front row seated left to right:  Martha (Matti) Fuller Everest (1853 - 1931), Arthur Frederick Smith (1897 - 1967), Seneca Eugene Smith (1852 - 1921).  Seneca was the grandson of Nathan and Alzina.

See the Robert Seneca Smith, Theologian entry in the people collection for more information on him.