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Elijah Holden House

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Elijah Holden House
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Dawn Hance
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Misc Photos and Documents
Dawn Hance
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This ca. 1910 photo is of what was the E. Holen home on the east side of what is now Rt 7B North in North Clarendon Village on the 1869 map.  This is the home on the right that is closest to the camera.  It was more correctly the home of Elijah Holden (1816 - 1894) and his wife Jerusha Brown (1816 - 1875).  Elijah had acquired it from his mother-in-law Thankful (Smith) Brown.  When it was built is not clear.  It may have been a tavern previously. 

The home of Elijah's brother Eli can be seen in the Eli Holden House entry in this collection.