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Lewis Walker House

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Lewis Walker House
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Leonard Croft Archives
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Leonard Croft archives
Rutland Library blueprint, Phil Mandolare photos
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Leonard Croft (1851 - 1939) was a civil engineer and surveyor from Clarendon and in 1911 he did this survey of what had been the Lewis Walker property at the corner of Walker Mountain Rd and East Tinmouth Rd.  This ca. 1850 home was one of at least three Lewis Walker homes; there having been Lewis Walkers in Clarendon for 6 generations.  The other two were directly across the road from this one on Walker Mountain Road and one on the west side of Quarterline Rd a little north of where the Chippenhook Schoolhouse is now.  All three can be seen on the 1869 map (see  the Reference Materials collection). 

Of interest in this survey is it shows the footprint of the house before the wing to the rear and side of the home was torn down in 2017 when the home was gutted as part of a total renovation.  It had fallen into disrepair to the point of being uninhabitable. 

Also of interest is it shows the Walker Mountain Rd - East Tinmouth Rd intersection in the traditional pre-automobile curved style when curved intersections were more appropriate for horse drawn wagons. 

We do not have a photo of this home from before the wing was torn down or of the home before it fell into disrepair.  We would be most grateful if one can be found. 

Below are photos courtesy of Phil Mandolare of the home as it stands in March 2020 still undergoing renovations that will essentially make it a new home in an old frame. 

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