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Murray Property

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Murray Property
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Leonard Croft (1851 - 1939) was a civil engineer and surveyor in Clarendon.  In 1934 he prepared this document of the Murray property in Clarendon Springs.  In 1866 the Byron Murray (1802 - 1882) family had come to Clarendon Springs.  They and their Clarendon House Hotel and other structures were an important part of the village for many years.  In 1933 the last of Byron's children passed away, Robert in May and Sarah in December.  Byron's granddaughter Louise Murray (1879 - 1966) of Connecticut appears to have inherited the Clarendon Springs properties.  That she inherited this property at the end of 1933 likely speaks to this drawing done in April 1934 being part of her planning as to what to do with it. 
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