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Robinson House

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Robinson House
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VT Div for Historic Preservation
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1976 Historical Survey
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Historic Structures surveyed in 1970's
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Details from the historic survey for this ca. 1820 (per the survey) Walker Mountain Road house and other structures on the farm can be found at the link above.  A photo of the barns can be found in the Barns collection in the McLellan Barns entry.  Below is a photo taken in 2018.

The family that has owned this property for several generations has indicated the home was built ca. 1790.  Amos Robinson (1735 - 1809) and his wife Hepsebeth Wilmarth (1736 - 1809) came to Clarendon from Attleboro, MA sometime in the 1772 - early 1774 range.  In 1807 they sold for $10 half an acre for the Chippenhook Cemetery that adjoins the farm. 

The farm passed to their son Elisha who sold it to Merrill Colvin in 1819. 

John Learned (1780 - 1859) was in Clarendon by 1800 and bought the farm for $1,000 (year not determined yet). John's 1st wife was Sarah Hills (1765 - 1842) and his 2nd Mary Gleason (1794 - 1858).  This property was still owned by the Learned family at the time of the 1869 map compilation, and likely until at least 1887 when John & Sarah's son John (1811 - 1887) passed. 

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